Fire-Based Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services

The Emergency Medical Services section is responsible for the primary training, continuing education, quality improvement and pre-hospital performance review for all pre-hospital providers, including certified Paramedics (ALS) and Basic Emergency Medical Technicians (BLS) within the ranks of Fire District 9.

Fire District 9 currently has five (5) fire stations that are staffed 24/7. Of those five (5) stations, four (4) are staffed with an Advanced Life Support Paramedic. Paramedics provide advanced level care to include medication administration and advanced treatment for patients with respiratory emergencies and cardiac arrests.

The remaining stations are served by community-based volunteer firefighters who are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). An EMT provides basic medical care which includes bleeding control, splinting of suspected fractures, spinal immobilization and assisting paramedics with advanced procedures.

The Emergency Medical Services section is constantly evaluating new techniques and technologies to incorporate into our organization in an ongoing effort to continually improve the service we provide to our citizens.