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We take great pride and honor in serving the residents of Spokane County Fire District #9, and we strive to do so with the utmost skill, professionalism and compassion.

Our dedication runs deep in keeping you and your loved ones, your property and the environment safe from fire and other hazards through prevention, education, preparedness and emergency response. 

We also seek to provide cost effective emergency services to District property owners and residents, and do this through our combination of career and volunteer staffing and our designation as a ISO class-4 fire insurance rating.

Located north of the City of Spokane, we are comprised of nine fire stations and 170 personnel—70 career and 100 volunteer—within a suburban area of 125 square miles and a population of approximately 40,000. Within this service area is a wide range of land uses, including, but not limited to, residences, schools, rural forested lands, railways, industrial properties and dams.

We greatly appreciate and thank you for your continued support. 


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